Ear Candle Sticks Scented Ear Candles Beeswax Aroma Ear Therapy

Ear Candle Sticks Scented Ear Candles Beeswax Aroma Ear Therapy


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Scented candle – Ear candling, or “coning,” is an alternative remedy that some people use to draw out impurities and wax from the inner ear. To perform ear candling, a person will lie on their side and insert a candle into the ear. Usually, a square or circle made of paper, tin foil, or plastic acts as a cover to prevent hot wax from dripping onto the face, neck, or hair. Ear candling is just one of the non-invasive and herbal remedies used around the world. It is considered more effective and safer than ear syringing.

Benefits – Coning Beewax natural ear candles are used for a variety of problems. They help to remove wax, bacteria, and other debris from the ear canal. At the same time, helps treating sinus infections
by improving hearing or reversing hearing loss. Earwax cleaner also has a function to relieve sore throats
and to treat colds and flus. Candling also helps to relieve some of the pressure felt behind the ear drum. This pressure can often lead to the side effect of ringing in the ears. This is the best aroma therapy you could ever have at the comfort of your home!

All natural – Our all natural candles have a mild and pleasant natural smell of honey. There is no need to worry about the threats. They are nontoxic and more suitable for people with allergies or asthma than paraffin candles. If you want to get rid of that annoying issue of water blocking your ear after you swim, ear candling is something to consider. It helps to draw out the reason for the blockage—removing the pressure that forced the water into your ear.

Rebalances mental state – Did you know that ear candling helps to rebalance mental state? All natural earwax candles helps to purify the blood, drawing out the toxins that cause some health problems. The relief of pressure and blockages can also help to boost mental awareness and clarity. By being able to think clearer, you’ll find it easier to keep your emotional state balanced. It becomes easier to focus on the situation and find solutions when you’re not dealing with symptoms of an ailment, a cold, or a build-up of wax. You will become more calm and happier after usage.


Gather you need: ear candles, paper plate, matches, small scissors, damp paper towel, cotton swabs, small hand mirrior, witch hazel and a friend to help you.
Lie down on one side on the pillow.
Massage the ear area, to relax the nerve system.
Put 2 pieces of towel around the pillow.
To prepare a piece of aluminum paper 15cm * 15cm and stick a small hold for ear candle.
Light up the longer end and place the shorter end gently into the outer ear passage.
Stick the smaller hold into the aluminum paper about 5cm.
Gently put the ear candle with aluminum paper into the ear passage. Stick up for the 90 form the face.
The ear candles, it may burn down to 7cm inch above the black line marking at the most.
With the vacuum theorem to inhale the ear wax from the ear.
Use the alcohol to clean the wax in the ears.


Packing List:
7 colors + 3 colors, then a total of 10pcs


Additional information

Weight 45.00 kg
Dimensions 210 × 100 × 50 cm



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