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How To Install A Shower Standing Handle: A Complete Guide

One of the best methods to increase safety for people that require physical assistance in the shower is the shower standing handle.

This simple piece of hardware can make all the difference if you or someone in your family has: 

  • Trouble getting in and out of the shower due to poor balance, 
  • As fear of falling, 
  • An accident, or 
  • A medical condition. 

This guide will show you how to use a shower standing handle, including other essential information. 

Let’s get into it. 

What Is A Shower Standing Handle?

The shower standing handle gives you a secure support point while standing or moving around in the shower or tub.

This gives you the support you need and improves safety. The shower standing handle is also known as an anti-slip suction handle,

Instead of permanently attached, a shower standing handle can be temporarily fastened using suction cups and tape.

You can also use other mounting techniques, removing it easy when you don’t need it. 

The anti-slip suction handle makes it easy for anyone to grip onto something if you start to slip. 

What To Know Before Buying A Shower Standing Handle 

Sometimes the tile may seem strong to standard twist drill bits but may actually be fragile.

In such situations, use a 1/2-in glass/tile drill bit for installations involving specialized wall anchors.

You can also use a 1/4-in glass/tile drill bit for mounting bars over studs. (You probably need both.)

Also, installing shower standing handles on acrylic tubs and shower surrounds that stand out from the walls below is not advisable.

This is because these walls flex and bend.

Select smaller-diameter bars if the person has weak grips.

Next, decide whether the bar’s finish can be a polished piece of bathroom bling.

Or whether it needs to be textured for greater grip by wet hands.

Some grab bars can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or both. Choose the mounting that works for you; there is no “correct” mounting.

Instead, check the package to ensure that the model you want works in the position you want.

Shower Standing Handle: How To Install A Suction Cup Shower 

Tools needed: none. 

1. Check The Shower Grab Bar’s Condition

You must first check the state of your shower grab bar. Of course, the most crucial aspect is that the suction cups continue to hold.

Also, make sure the rubber is in good condition.

Two clips must be included with the suction cup grip bar.

That’s because it’s in suction mode while they are lying flat.

You want the clips up when you install them.

That’s because when they are released and in the up position, it’s ready to be popped off of whatever they’re attached to.

You can find indicator tabs with small indicator tabs on both sides, typically red or green.

When the suction grab bar isn’t attached to anything, it turns red.

When they are entirely affixed to the wall, the indicator turns green. 

2. Check For Any Obstructions

If the grip bar touches the grout, it won’t hold. The tile must be extremely smooth.

When installing the grab bar, you should try to prevent any bevels or lines.

Again, ensure it’s always smooth before attaching it to the surface. It’s a crucial point. 

3. Secure The Shower Grab Bar 

Although the installation is quick and easy, it does involve some strength. So if you have strength problems, you might need a little assistance.

You have to choose the location on the area where you want it and firmly press.

Do that until the rubber and plastic of the grab bar suction cups are in contact.

It takes some effort to press the levers into place at this point.

4. Check For Safety

Once the grab bar is in position, you should check to ensure it’s securely fastened by giving it a slight shake. 

WARNING: Suction cup grasp bars are NOT designed to carry your entire weight. When entering or exiting a shower or bath, don’t try to lift yourself or place all of your weight on the shower standing handle.

Advantages Of Shower Standing Handle 

Using a shower standing handle has several advantages in addition to increasing safety. First, it doesn’t need a permanent installation, which might harm your tile or walls.

You can also remove the shower grip bar from your shower wall without causing any damage to the materials. It’s easy to reattach it if you need it again. 

Furthermore, it makes it easy to get into and out of the bathtub. Finally, it makes it simple to balance yourself to avoid slipping. 

These handles offer additional security if you are less mobile owing to age or illness. So you won’t fall in places where there aren’t any grab bars yet.


The shower standing handle is easy to fix, especially the suction cup grab bars. If you don’t have the time, you can let an expert take care of it. But before you buy a shower grab bar, you must know which ones to buy. 

Go through this guide to help you make the right choice. 

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