shower standing handle
Shower Standing Handle for Bathtubs & Showers 12-inch

Shower Standing Handle for Bathtubs & Showers 12-inch


Heavy-duty shower standing handle for shower and bathtubs.

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With our easy-use heavy-duty shower standing handle, you get only what you require – high quality and durable. 

These shower handle for elderly are only restricted to clean, dry, and smooth surfaces. 

Before installation, make sure that all surfaces are dehydrated. To prevent harm, make sure to test the suction before using. 

From time to time, check the bars’ stability and suction.

These shower grips for elderly are not designed to stand, sit, or support a person’s entire body weight. 

Instead, they are built only to help and correctly support a human body. 


Shower Bar Holder For Elderly Is Simple To Install

shower handle for elderly

We use two suction cups with locking latches for our bathtub security bar. They make it simple and easy to mount the bar wherever you choose. 

A color indicator on the locking latches lets you know if the shower handles for seniors are installed correctly. 

It only takes a few seconds to attach and doesn’t require any drilling or specialty tools. 

The non-porous, flat surfaces like metal, glass, acrylic, and tile are the only ones on which the heavy-duty grab bar can be mounted.

Shower Standing Handles Offers Enhanced Security 

The shower standing handle includes easy-to-hold, ergonomic handles that are non-slip shower railing for increased stability and security. 

Its gently curved shape gives you room to thoroughly and comfortably grasp the grip. 

Suction grab bars for showers, grab bars for bathtubs, and grab bars for people with disabilities.

Versatile Sturdy Design 


shower handle sturdy design

The shower handle for elderly is manufactured from strong, long-lasting materials.

To simplify for children, the elderly, the injured, or the disabled, attach this functional suction grab bar to the bath or shower. 

You can quickly reposition and adjust the shower grips for elderly in location and height. 

Please remember that it can’t be placed on porous materials like fiberglass. 

Therefore, you should attempt to avoid tying it to the grout lines.

Where Should You Install Shower Bar Holder For Elderly

The bathroom size determines the positioning of wall-mounted grab bars, the location of the plumbing, and the construction of the wall supporting the bar.

Also, consider the user’s physical characteristics, such as height, muscle strength, arms reach, and whether the bathroom has a shower or tub.

It’s better to practice entering and exiting the bathtub or shower before installation. And have the person indicate where their reach is most convenient.

A vertical grab bar should be installed next to the fixture for people who can stand with help while transferring into the bath or shower. 

In addition, a horizontal bar should be installed next to it to maintain balance while entering or exiting a bathtub.

What’s The Correct Size For Shower Standing Handles? 

shower grab bars

Shower standing handles range from 9 to 42 inches. The minimum recommended length for a grab bar installed on the shower wall to help enter and exit the shower is 24 inches.

When using a bar of this size, it’s preferable to set it at an angle. That way, you can reach it from a seated and standing posture.

Also, people of different heights can use the shower standing handle. 

Having a grab bar less than 12 inches is alright if its primary function serves as a balancing aid.

How Much Weight Shower Standing Handles Can Take? 

shower standing handle

Every grab bar should be able to support at least 250 pounds. This can be achieved with the help of correctly installed, permanently mounted grip bars.

However, the strength of the removable grab bar is not guaranteed.

A grab bar that meets ADA requirements is the best option. It must be able to support 500 pounds, as per ADA regulations.

It’s up to you to decide if the individual using this needs it.

Can You Install Them On Tiled Walls? 

Yes. You can install the shower grab bars on tiled wars. But for extra stability and support, you should attach it to the studs inside the wall.

However, use the right drill bit to get the job done to avoid breaking the tiles. 

You can easily attach suction shower handles to ceramic tiles. They work best on smooth, non-porous surfaces, so tiles are a great choice. 

Remember that you shouldn’t attach the shower grab bars over the grout line. So, depending on the handle size, the tiles should be larger than 44 inches or 55 inches.

Types Of Shower Standing Handles

Fixed Shower Standing Handle 


Shower Bar Holder For Elderly

You can get extra stability from a fixed shower handle. Trust that it will hold up no matter how much you weigh.

It’s strong enough to support your weight if necessary. For those who struggle with mobility or strength, that may be a lifesaver.

A fixed rail is ideal if you anticipate needing to lean heavily on the shower handle. It’s secured to the wall and won’t come off quickly.

Detachable Shower Handle 


shower handle

You might prefer a detachable shower handle in particular cases. A shower handle that is adjustable and removable can make life much easier.

In addition, it requires no handyman skills to install or remove at will.

Note, though, that a detachable shower standing handle won’t provide the same level of stability. 

The pressure could cause it to separate from the wall. And that could lead to a fall or an injury. And the payoff is usually inadequate to justify the danger.


10 reviews for Shower Standing Handle for Bathtubs & Showers 12-inch

  1. Kariane Nicolas

    This is an awesome product. They work like they say. Great grab bars!!

  2. Vivian Schiller

    These shower grab bars works great! The suction is great. And they are really sturdy as described. Well worth the money.

  3. Mike Spencer

    highly sturdy grab bar with excellent suction. I appreciate the extra measure of comfort.

  4. Peter Moore

    I recently underwent a knee replacement surgery. I was unable to shower without a grab bar. This is an excellent product. The strong suction cups prevent sloping. At ease and protected. This product is excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

  5. Sharon Mayhew

    While my wife was going through chemotherapy, I used these to assist him in entering and exiting the shower. I’ve started using them so that I’ll feel safer taking baths. They attach securely to the wall and make it easier for me to stand on one foot. very nice product!

  6. Priscilla Dumas

    Wow, I can’t believe how well they’ve been working.
    My husband loves it and I feel very secure holding onto it.

  7. Rosemary

    When getting into and out of the shower, I grab onto it as a handle. It’s simple to set up, but I had trouble pushing the suction handles. It’s possible that someone who’s weak will require assistance. It had a strong grip on tile but failed miserably on dry wall. A few minutes after I tried it on drywall, it came off by itself. It must be done on a smooth floor.

  8. Crissy

    It’s a high-quality item . It holds well but I’d double check that it’s still securely attached before putting any weight on it.

  9. Ann

    Great product! They can be glued to any surface in my fiberglass shower or tub. They appear sturdy and steadfast. Of course, up until now I have only used them to help me get into and out of the bathtub and not to break a fall.

  10. Ruslan

    For a handhold when you step out of the shower to prevent slipping, the suction grasp grips are ideal. Also, there are security options located in appropriate locations on the shower wall.

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