Magic Circle Wireless Charger

Magic Circle Wireless Charger


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Perfect Magic Wireless Charger For Your Everyday Needs

This fast-charging magic wireless charger can charge your device in no time! Its magic design sets it apart from any other charging pad available. 

Our wireless charger allows you to charge your phone without worrying about misplacing or tangling cables.

A mystical ring instantly appears when you place your phone on this charging pad. This charger offers a novel approach to recharging electronic devices. 

It’ll make your life more magical and keep your electronics fully charged and ready to go. 

Get yours today!

The magic circle is the best option if you want to charge your phone wirelessly without having to deal with cords or adapters. 

Magic Wireless Charger: The Most Secure Way To Charge Your Device

 Short-circuiting, overheating, and overcharging are all things that may be avoided with the help of the protections incorporated into the Magic Circle Charging pad. 

This wireless charger is the ideal solution for always having your gadgets fully charged, thanks to its small size and convenient portability.

Wireless Magic Circle’s inductive charging method is significantly more secure than a cable. 

So don’t worry about your phone being damaged by an improper charger or overcharged.

With Our Magic Circle Wireless Charger, You Won’t Have To Worry About Annoying Wires

Power is transferred wirelessly from the pad to your phone using the latest technology. 

So you can start charging your phone as soon as you set it on the magic circle.

Also, the charging process for our magic circle is far quicker than competing wireless chargers. 

Our wireless charger is the ideal product for anyone sick of wasting time untangling cables, thanks to its modern design and intuitive user interface.

Our Wireless Charger Features 

  • Equipped with non-slip silicone; so your gadget will stay put (stable placement). 
  • Useful only for devices that can charge wirelessly. 
  • The product comes with a high-speed, 10-watt charging
  • Our product has a smart identification system. So all you need is to place your device to charge. 
  • Our product has a short circuit protector that prevents receiver overload and overheating. It also improves reliability and security. 
  • The magic circle phone charger will work if your device supports wireless charging! 
  • Adapt perfectly to any device that supports Qi. You can still use a wireless charger receiver if your phone doesn’t have built-in wireless charging capabilities. That works perfectly for even devices that don’t support wireless charging. 

The Benefits You Get From Our Wireless Charger

All-in-one charging. Our wireless charger can charge all Qi-compatible devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and wireless earbuds.

Less clutter. You don’t have to monitor several cords, which often break or disappear. Our wireless charger is perfect for travel devices because it replaces them with a single transportable wireless charger.

Extends battery life. Anytime you have a few minutes to spare, put your phone on our wireless charger to give it a little boost in battery life.

Secure connections. Since all charging occurs inside the phone, there is no chance of corroded USB ports. And that lowers the possibility of charging mistakes or electrical issues. Furthermore, you never have to be concerned about electrical issues brought on by other charging cables!

No wear and tear. When you plug phones into power cables, it increases the chances of damaging phone ports. And that can lead to costly repairs. Our magic circle charger saves you that money! 

No overheating risk. A Qi-compatible phone stops using our magic wireless charger once it has finished charging, conserving energy and avoiding battery overheating.

Universal Compatibility

The wireless charger adapts to all Qi-compatible devices, including iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 plus/ iPhone X/ XR/ XS/ XS Max, Samsung Galaxy Note9/ S9/ S8/ S7/ S7 edge/ S6 edge/ Note 5 series devices.


Wireless charging is prone to error sometimes, like all technological devices. Please try the following steps or contact us before returning the item. Many problems can be fixed immediately.

1. Use the type C port on the magic circle wireless charger if you have a type C cable.

2. Use another micro USB cable

3. Check if your wall adapter has at least 5V/2A output.

4. Restart your phone.

5. For some devices, software updates can cause wireless charging problems. Test with other Qi-enabled phones. Back up & factory reset your phone.

Product Details of Magic Circle Wireless Charger:

Input parameters: 12 (V)
Output parameters: 5 (V)
Type: wireless charging
Charging current: 2000 (mA)
Battery type: Lithium battery
Indication function: with indication function
Interface: Micro USB
Color: Purple Magic Array, Red Magic Array, Cyan Magic Array, Pink Magic Array, Pentagram, Hexagonal Star, Four Arrays, Six Arrays, Eight Arrays

Magic Wireless Charger FAQs

1. Can I always leave the wireless charger on?

It’s entirely safe to leave your phone on the charging pad overnight or for several hours. And that’s because most wireless charging pads will safely trickle charge your phone battery to keep it fully charged at all times.

2. Is it possible to use my case while wirelessly charging?

Yes. You can charge your phone with the case on. However, bulky cases sometimes have trouble contacting the charging pad, making it not charge.

3. How can I know if my wireless charger is charging?

The charging pad’s LED will turn blue when it’s charging. And the battery symbol will change to a fully charged icon. Also, the light will turn green when the charging is complete.

4. How long does a wireless charger take to charge my phone?

It can take two to three hours to charge if it’s an iPhone. For Android, it can take an hour or less.


Packing list
Wireless charger x1


magic circle charger

magic circle wireless chargerorange wireless chargerwireless phone chargerblack and white charger


Additional information

Weight 320.00 kg
Dimensions 250 × 250 × 250 cm

Purple Magic Circle, Red magic circle, Cyan Magic Circle, Pink magic circle, Five pointed star, Six pointed star, Four Arrays, Six formations, Eight formations

11 reviews for Magic Circle Wireless Charger

  1. Josh

    Very interesting product. No problems with the charging. Doesn’t charge too fast, but that’s the thing with all wireless chargers.

  2. Bobby

    This product is totally badass! It works perfectly compared to other wireless charges I bought few weeks ago. Totally recommend it to everyone!

  3. Peter C.

    Works great! It charges great. No problems with with my phone case on the charger. Although it’s not that bulky. The lighting is also good and it’s well built overall. Great product. Recommend it to everyone.

  4. Yurie

    I bought this product a week ago and it has been working great. The fast charging wasn’t what I was expecting but it’s still a decent product. I’d totally recommend it

  5. Preach J.

    I got this for my father to charge his phone. He was having issues getting a charging cord into a phone. Ao this is an easy alternative. Recommend it for everyone.

  6. Theresa

    I bought it for my office. I kept leaving mine at home so figured I’d try it out and it’s fast charging.

  7. Kelly Jr

    This product is good. I like the way the symbols light up at the start and the color of the symbols is quite intriguing. It’s not that big so it doesn’t take that much space.

  8. Laura K.

    I love this product! I bought this product because it works with different devices. The fast charging is also quite decent. I just bought one for my friend as a present 🙂

  9. Kayla

    The product is very cool. Once you put your phone in the middle, it starts lighting up. It’s the coolest charger i’ve ever had! It’s very worth it. I’ve had it for a couple of months now. The only downside is that you can’t just throw your phone on the wireless charger. It’s best to place it in the middle.

  10. Norman

    works really well. It would be cool if it had an option to light up when not charging. But it’s not a bad deal for the price. I recommend it to everyone.

  11. Charles

    I’m happy that I bought this wireless charger because my normal charger wasn’t working properly so this will help plenty, and I love the look of it!

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