ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System
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ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System


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Easy learning – Are you trying to learn how to play the guitar but finding it overwhelming to learn all those chords? We found an easier solution. The Chordbuddy makes it possible to play your favorite instrument – guitar with as little as one finger! ChordBuddy is the greatest tool for the pure beginners to learn the basics of the guitar playing. This is an effective, all-in-one musical instrument learning product that will keep you motivated through a fun learning process.

Convenient installment – The ChordBuddy system is designed to make your guitar-playing dreams a reality by gradually helping you play your favorite instrument! Firstly, attach the device to almost any guitar and use the color-coded tabs to start playing. Secondly, learn to strum and picking techniques while the ChordBuddy helps you with the chord formations. Then, remove the tabs one by one as you learn the proper finger placement for each chord. Finally, when all the tabs have been removed, you’re a guitar player!

Pick the right size – The neck of your guitar must be 1 1/2” minimum & 1 7/8” maximum width and from the nut to the 3rd fret should be approximately 4″. If your neck is over 1 7/8″, you need the “classical guitar” version. If it is less than 1 1/2″ the ChordBuddy will not fit your guitar. The distance from the nut to the 3rd fret should be approximately 4″, any less and the unit may not work properly. This version only works on right-handed guitars. Works in full-size, 3/4 and 5/8-sized acoustic and electric guitars with average to low string height. This version will not work on 1/2 size guitars. Each guitar is different and installation and fitment can differ.

No more sore fingers – Everyone knows that many people quit learning guitar simply because it hurts their fingers very much. The ChordBuddy helps beginners continue in the very early stages because it eliminates the pain of pressing guitar strings with soft finger tips. Eventually everyone will need to push past this pain and build up some callouses, however this barrier is easier to get past once you’ve actually learned a few chords and can have some fun in the process.

Quick progress – The tool is designed by specialists to fit on guitars in various shapes and sizes. It’s essential part that you choose the right fit when ordering. There’s a right-handed fit, left-handed fit, and one for the classical type of guitars. Once you’re ready and set everything according to the instructions, press a few buttons to strum your very first chords. Many people tend to stick with the program as the results are quick and you can easily progress through all the provided material, and hopefully be ready to move away from the tool altogether.

Keeps you motivated – The ChordBuddy motivates an enthusiastic guitar learner and allows you to start feeling the cadence of chord changes and playing songs. It has a unique feature that will enable you to remove pieces one at a time and start playing parts of chords or progressions. It also helps with muscle memory and gives you an idea of what a set of chords and chord progressions should sound like.

Creates a muscle memory – In order to play guitar, you definitely need to learn how to change between chords easily. In the beginning of the process, this can be difficult as you do not have any muscle memory. It’s a step-by-step approach to learning which ChordBuddy will provide you.



Material: ABS
Weight: 110g
Package Size: 23cm x 19cm x 4.5cm

Package Content:

1 x guitar learning system


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Weight 60.00 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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